Nov 21, 2007

In my university

I am happy to feel the power of nature and I want to show you this scene.
Now in Japan, a season changes from autumn to winter.
As autumn comes to an end, it gets cooler and cooler.
When autumn comes to the end, it is the season of autumn's leaf.
The leaves turn to color that trees aflame with red and yellow leaves.
The colored leaves made a pleasant scene.
Maybe you will please this beautiful scene.
In addition, there is my favorite thing.
When the leaves fall down and touch the ground, the dry sound happen.
Dozens of pieces leaves, several hundred pieces leaves fall down.
So I can enjoy listening to a lot of dry sound.
In a silent place, I can hear only leaves sound.
Many sound.
I feel comfortable, it’s a restful scene.
And it continues until last leave.
In December, all the leaves fall from the trees.

How about you? Will you feel happy with these phenomenon of nature?
Many people visit famous places for the beauty of red leaves in Japan.
But I can watch the thing in my university.
Photographs I sent are my university’s colored leaves.
The building coming out together is a building of my laboratory.
My laboratory is in eighth floor, and Rimbow’s laboratory is seven floor (just under my laboratory).

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