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発売日:  1978年01月
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  • Jun 12, 2013

    Prasat Phoum Prasat

    Prasat Phoum Prasat

    Built in 706 A.D , Kompong Preah Style

    Jun 11, 2013

    Prasat Andet Style

    Prasat Andet

    Dating from the same period as Sambor Prei Kuk(7th century), this small, ruinous brick temple is set amid the grounds of a modern wat. Prasat Andedt would have been the focal point of an important commercial centre trading on the Tonle Spa, and some researchers belive it continued to play such a role during the time of Andkor. Today, very little remains. It is 29km west of Kompong Thom, and about 2km south of NH6.

    Prasat Andet Style

    This period was critical in Camodian history as rival factions were fighting for political control. This unrest is reflected in the fact that other styles existed at the same time. Prasat Andet Style is contemporaneous with the end of the Prei Kmeng and the beginning of the Komopn Preah architectural styles.

    Harihara is a popular deity in Cambodia. He is a combination of both Shiva and Vishnu. Shiva takes the right hand side of the body and Vishnu the left.

    The face of harihara has a stern, compelling expression. The whole statue shows beautifully subtle and precise modelling of the muscles and anatomy which is rare in Khmer art.

    The composition of the head-dress is a hybrid of Shiva's strands of hair on the right and Vishnu's mitre on the left. The forehead has half of Shiva's third vertiacl eye.

    On the front of the sampot, the cloth is gathered from the left side and pulled up to form a 'pocket'.

    Jun 10, 2013

    Prasart of Konpong Thom 1

    Prasart Kuk Nokor

    Kuk Bareng

    Prasart Kambot


    Prasart of Konpong Thom 2

    Prasart Tnaot Chum

    Prasart Prasart

    Singha, Stung Saen

    Prasart Andaet