Dec 24, 2007

A Snowy Christmas Eve

Today, it is not snowy in Toyohashi Japan.
But, do you want to see snow fall down?
In my country located near very cold area.
And a lot of snow falls.
Can you image snowy touch and falling scenery?
The snow is like cotton softly, and besides, it is very totally cold
And when you touch the snow, it melts immediately by your warmth.
Strangely, it gradually disappears in your hands.
In addition, snow falls calmly, because the snow takes in sounds.
I like the night that it is fell snow and is flowed moonlight into it.
It is the world that can calm down where snow reflects moonlight, and it hears no sound.
It is right scenery of the winter.
I think the nature is the thing not only seeing but also feeling.

But to tell the truth, in my living place, snow does not fall a little.
In winter (January), the temperature of this place Toyohashi is low temperature -3 degrees, high temperature 7 degrees.
With the temperature like this, the snow does not fall.
In the days of my elementary school, it sometimes snowed in winter.
Perhaps it is the influence of the global warming.

But don’t worry.
If you go to north 100km from the place, you can see a lot of snow.
Therefore you can do the skiing.
What do you feel?

By the way, recently the temperature of Toyohashi is low temperature 6 degrees, high temperature 13 degrees.
It is slightly cold.

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