Dec 28, 2007

A development technique process in Cambodia

PCM (Project Cycle Management Method)
Characteristics of PCM Method
・ Manage by PDM (Project Design Matrix)
・ Participatory Planning and Monitoring/Evaluation by PDM
・ Characteristics
1) Consistent
2) Logical
3) Participatory

Overview of the Process
Step 1 : Stakeholder Analysis
Who and how are involved in the project?
Stakeholder Analysis is a process to provide a comprehensive picture of all interest groups, individuals, institutions, and organizations (stakeholders) involved in the project. This includes all groups that are likely to be affected by a possible project, positively or negatively, directly or indirectly.

Step 2 : Problem Analysis
What are the problems?
Problem Analysis is a method for graphically displaying the problem environment to which a set of project objectives is responding. The analysis lays the problems out in a cause a cause and effect tree with roots and branches showing relationships between problems.

Step 3 : Objective Analysis
What is the desirable situation?
Objective Analysis illustrates the future situation that would be achieved by solving the problems. The analysis lays the project objectives out in a means and ends tree with roots and braches showing relationships between objectives.

Step 4 : Alternative Analysis
What is the optimal alternative?
Alternative Analysis is a process to identify possible alternative options, assess the feasibility of these, and agree upon project strategies.

Step 5 : Logical Framework (Logframe)
Conceptual framework of the project.
Logical Framework is a one-page summary of a project design. The framework is a four-by –four matrix and each box contains specific information about the project. The matrix is formulated on the logic of development hypothesis, i.e. if –and –then logic.

Step 6 : Plan of Operation
Detailed plan of operations.
Plan of Operation is a detailed implementation plan structured with time schedule, budget, inputs, person in charge, and etc.

Step 7 : Monitoring
Measure the progress to find a better way.
Monitoring is a routine work of tacking the progress of a project. Monitoring activities will help to find a better way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the project.

Step 8 : Evaluation
Assess the achievement and impact of the project.
Evaluation is conducted to assess the achievement and impact of the project for providing recommendations for the project and lessons learned for future projects.

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