Dec 16, 2007

It is how to spend on a holiday me.

Today, it was a day that Rinbo and Thyda moved from their apartment into the dormitory of the university (TUT).
Before they moving, they apartment was distant from TUT.
But the new apartment is located in TUT site.
Their apartment is a type for couple.
They are lucky, because they can have entered in the apartment that TUT have only four. !!!!
Their apartment is a large room.
(There are many apartments for single in dormitory of TUT)
Therefore I helped them to carry their packs.
But the work was not hard, because many Cambodian friends helped them moving.
After the work of the moving was over, we ate lunch Japanese soup that the name is NABE.
NABE has many good things.
For example, good taste, too easy, many person can eat in the same time, it is fit in cold winter because NABE is too hotttttt!
This time, Thyda cooked only twenty minute, and thirteen persons was able to eat.
I ate until full. hahaha
And a few hours later, we played soccer game that was participated a Japanese and nine Cambodian guys.
I did from forward to goalkeeper, and too running.
And I took one goal and one assist, I lost one point.
The moment, I felt pleasure. !!!
Until the sunset, we continued to play the soccer game.
I was very tired but I was able to enjoy very much.
And after the game, with eight Cambodian friends I went to restaurant.
After dinner, we did shopping, and then, backed to TUT.
Today it was a day of too delicious food and good exercise with everyone, so I felt enjoyable.

In this way, every Sunday we have a party like today’s it
I have spent like this in my university.

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