Dec 22, 2007


Hello! Everyone!
Today, I want to write a little about my study and my hobby at here.
I am a student of graduate school (M1).
My university (TOYOHASHI UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY) is located in Toyohashi-city, Aichi-prefecture, JAPAN.
Toyohashi-city that population is 383,494 people is a small city near Nagoya-city that population is 2,239,144 people.
Accordingly, Toyohashi’s special product is vegetables.
There is my university in the place in such countryside.

And I have studied historic architectures of Japan and South East Asia at here.
For example, like KIYOMIZU-temple(Japan), ISE-shrine(Japan) and Angkor Wat.
I am always in my laboratory, and I am planning of historic architectures, and after, I suggest the save restoration of historic buildings.
So, I am interesting in Khmer architecture of ancient and contemporary.
And I will probably graduate from TUT in 2009 March.
After soon, I will enter a company of architecture construction in Japan.
Now, I have done job-hunting for finding a good company for me.

Next I want to talk about my hobby.
Like I said before, of course, I like reading.
I can concentrate in particular it when I read a book in a train.
Because in a train it is highly confidential, is very quite, has constant vibration, so I am comfortable.
But my hobby is not only it.
I had a motorcycle with capacity of 250cc before.
The motorcycle is so good, and it could ride on two-passenger legally.
It was my favorite machine.
And so, every weekend I went for touring to someplace alone.
By I ride on a road motorcycle, I displayed the stress.
It was very comfortable to cut wind at high speed!
But now, I don’t have a motorcycle, because my motorcycle was stolen in front of my dormitory last year.

Then, I have another hobby now.
It is to draw a drawing of architecture.
(It is not study.)
In particular, I like to draw by only hand.
If I start to draw, I forget to spend times.
When my drawing is completed at length, I feel pleasure.
Recently, I want to do skill up of drawing.

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