Feb 7, 2008

It's my life

Befor I wrote about my motercycle. This is a continuance of the story.
My motorcycle stole two years ago. Now, when I want to go somewhere, How do I go? My transportation way is by a bicycle. I like it, too. So I can go to everywhere, and I live a life without a problem really. robably I like a two-wheeled vehicle like motorcycles or bicycles. If I want to go to another city, I always use railways. The way till near by the station is only 15 minute by bicycle. When I want to buy something, I go to a huge shopping center JUSCO that takes 10 minute from TUT by bicycle.

Therefore I can buy every thing. But before it, there are a general store, a bookstore, a cafeteria and a students' dining hall inside TUT site. Furthermore, there is a convenience store in front of TUT. Therefore by these, I don’t have any problem with shopping in particular.

Incidentally I say about my eating habits, in the morning I buy sweet bun at the convenience store, at noon I eat a set meal in a cafeteria, and at night I eat a set meal in a students' dining hall.

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