Feb 4, 2008

What do you think?

One day I want to have my construction company in Khmer. And I want to get fame in proportion to mine success. Finally I aim at becoming Japan and Cambodian of go-between. It is necessary for it that beard the lion in his den. Because it means overseas emigration for me. For Japanese, it is a bold determination to emigrate from Japan to Cambodia. Perhaps I will decide about ten years later, but already now, I want to carry it out with considerable probability.

Why I have had such the thing. First the reason, this country has had potential. When I went to Khmer in 2006, I was shocked about Khmer economic growth in Phnom Penh with my eyes. Therefore a new building and bridge were built frequently, and I seemed the city was changing in sequence. And then I thought my simple idea. This country will need technology and ability for construction in the future. If I will fasten down and will bring the Japanese know-how into this country, I may am able to increase achievements effectively.

Second the reason. But I cannot talk about this reason.

When these two reasons put together, I will get a good chance. This is a terrific thing.

So I hope to enter a construction company of Japan as the execution management, because I want to move through sure avenue to success. But in my case, the examination for employment begins in February. I will take many interviews from this month, and maybe I will be able to know my company in April. But the company which I hope for is only famous companies. For example, TAISEI Corporation: the company built “KIZUNA-bridge” at Mekong in 2002, OBAYASHI Corporation: the company built “CHRUOV CHANGVAR-bridge” in north-east of Phnom Penh city. Probably I enter such a company in 2009 April. And during 3 years or 5 years I will work in the domestic place. But meanwhile I will not be able to settle down. Because my occupation must be it: I will go to the construction site of each place nationwide by the order of the company every a year. This is really hard work. But, on the other hand, the salary is high. And I already have decided to convey a wish to make use of my experience in the future. It’s overseas assignment. I want to work in Southeast Asia from entering a company the third year or the fifth year.
It will continue overseas assignment till I make a company with my friend in Khmer. These are my plan. But about the future, nobody can reliably predict. These are my hope to the last. What do you think?