May 11, 2008

Do you know dormitory of APSARA?

Do you know dormitory of APSARA? Actually it is not a dormitory of APSARA. It is a guest house for long-term tarriers. But many people concerned stay in the institution for a long term because the institution locate the back of the APSARA office. So we say dormitory of APSARA.hahaha And Mr. P that is APSARA officer own the institution. He is my friend, was student of my university. So When I went to Siem Reap in 2006 and 2008, I stayed his place. A Sophia Univ.'s member stayed next to my room last month. If I go to Siem Reap again, I use once more.
Mr. P is belong to Surroundings Management Unit of APSARA. He do city planning. For example they arrange the stores that locates near Angkor Vat, for improvement of the environment. I heard a little about a future plan, relations between remains and city. I'm sorry, but I forgot all information.

Mr . P and his family at the institution. They lived in Toyohashi. The child grows big more than before.


そぴあ សូភាព said...

Hi, Nishi-san.
I didn't know the APSARA guest house :)
Thanks for telling the useful information.

nisshi? said...

It is coincidence the building locate and he works at the office. So Mr.P and R君 say a joke.

そぴあ សូភាព said...

Hehe, thanks.
I am glad that I could know the APSARA staff's life in Siemreap.