Jun 22, 2008

Kompong Som

My Cambodian friend of my university will go to Koh Kong on July 5(Saturday) and 6(Sunday). He say he has been to Kompong Som, has had enough of. So he want to go another place as going family trip.
How I envy you!
I want to go together, but the term I will not leave Japan yet. I arrange my itinerary by oneself. I will arrive to Phnom Penh on July 10, because I have a seminer on July 9. I have regreted that I will not accompany him.

But I have a plan.
If I have a time in next August, I want to go Kompong Som with a Cambodian friend that lives in Phnom Penh. The bus fare from Phnom Penh to Kompong Som is around $8. It's very good price I think.
And more, I have many another plan at Phnom Penh, only for the person.

I cannot wait to go to Phnom Penh, I want to meet a friend soon! I think of the trip night and day.

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