Jun 9, 2008

investigation in Indonesia

In Southeast Asia, they are various for a natural condition, culture, ethnology, and there are many refined high quality wooden building. We do a comparative study of those building how to construct. It is a valuable things not only from the architecture but also from anthropological approach. In addition, the Southeastern Asian house form can be compare in common points with a Japanese house form?????????? It is a very interesting thing if we can understand the same mechanism of houses between Japan and Southeast Asia. It has big significance on thinking about the Japanese house which modernized, westernization. This investigation is joint investigation with professor ヨヨ, Gajah Mada University, Indonesian. During an investigation period of two weeks, I am going to perform the actual survey investigation of the historic wooden building and the interview investigation of the how to construct wooden building. An investigation area is the Java central part and the western part. The city becoming the basic point is Jakarta and Djokjakarta. The investigation system is a Indonesian that the student of this laboratory master's course, and professor ヨヨ, and his students. In an investigation schedule, I will perform consideration of the investigation of the past, a meeting of the joint investigation in Gajah Mada University for one week from July 20th to 27th. And from July 28 to August 4, I proceed to the investigation area and am going to perform a field work. As a result of having been provided by this investigation, I am going to announce it in Architectural Institute of Japan.

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