Apr 24, 2011

Koh Puos Bridge in Sihanouk Ville

The bridge lies Sihanouk Ville. It is designed to work as a connection between the Koh Puos island and the mainland. The bridge is funded by Koh Puos Investment Group., Ltd, and is an EPC project constructed by Sinohydro Corporation Lted. The groos leng of the bridge is 900m while the width is 12m, which is divided into pedestrian lane of 2.0m on both sides and bi-directional car lane of 8.0m.

The bridge consists of the main bridge and the approach bridge to meet navigational requirements. The fomer adopts the pre-stressed concrete continuous rigid frame, wiht a pan length of 110m+200m+110m. the net height of the main span is 32.5m, and the maximum piles, whose deiameters are 1.5m and 2.0m.



ところで、Sinohydro Corporationと言えば、コッホ・コンの山奥にダムを造っているらしい。それで、建築家の知り合いが作業員宿舎の設計・施工監理を頼まれたらしい。だが、残念ながら、本人の体調不良とプノンペンから遠いとの理由で、結局やらなかったそうだ。

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