Sep 9, 2008

CJCC students

Today 4 Cambodian that are CJCC(Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center)'s Japanese language Student came my university. At first we ate lunch together in the student's dining hall. And I guided all of my university, which many experimental room of "Physical properties of water" or "Carbon density measurement" of Ecology engineering department of my university. After seeing, they discussed studying space environment of Japanese university with two Indonesian and a Romanian. But they didn't see other university's Lab. So they said they cannot compare. I think they have studied at Royal University of Phnom Penh. It's difficult as to understand about system of experiment, because they field is different from the engineering that is our studying. But at last I introduce my laboratory that the study subject is a Khmer Wooden Architecture, Indonesisan Wooden Architecture, Japanese Modern Architecture. So they were interesting about our research. And they had took many photo in my Lab.
They have staid near Toyohashi city; Kota town, Aichi prefecture. They visited SOPHIA UNIVERSITY of Tokyo, Toyota factory of Toyota city, Aichi prefecture. And this week they will go to NAGOYA UNIVERSITY, Kyoto as sightseeing. And this weekend will be good-bye.

in the student's dinig hall

They hang a name card from neck.

study trip of my university

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