Mar 20, 2008


Pursat is a province located far from Phnom Phen about 189 km, is next to the Tonle Sap River and Lake. In Pursat there are a lot of foods and meals. The foods that delicious. It's up to the person who cook them. The foods in Pursat is not modern as in Phnom Phen, and the foods in Pursat are simple but it's very delicious. Pursat is a province that has most fish in Cambodia.
A big market in Pursat got on fire on 2007 April 15. But now it's rebuilding.
The place that people go for a walk on their freetime, in generally gardens and Som Pov Seas Isaland. Sometime they ride or drive their motors and cars to see the view along the road.
Pursat Park is small.

Pursat Park next to river remind me of the good thing. hahaha

The market of Pursat was crowed. I was surprised.

Do these look delicious?

The grave of ancient hero. He fought against Thailand.

Som Pov Seas Island. I wanted to go the island, but now the bridge to go to there is under construction.

Fish produced from this river are very delicious!

ACD : English school in Pursat. Teacher's country are Canada, America etc...

Wat in Pursat

Many people

I participated, too.

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