Jan 14, 2008

How about international marriage?

Every Cambodian of my university ask me one time every month.

"Will you marry a Cambodian?"

Now, pssibly NO!

But , I never can tell what will do in the future.

It's a nice idea i marry a Cambodian.

But at first, i have to find out my partner.

Still I can't believe Cambodian marry when they are young.

It isn't doing very well.

So,the cambodian average age of marriage is different from a Japanese.


Daravuth--QuincY said...

Now it differ from b4. Cam guls may be married late but rural guls may be married faster than the urban ones. Cam guls are so cool, do your best to find cam partner....

nisshi? said...

Oh! Really? It is good.
I think Cambodian g are so pretty.

The information about Cambodia is not available when in Japan.
I regret....

Do my best!?

nisshi? said...

i hope Cam guls are so cool, only first.