Aug 12, 2012

the process of marriage to a Cambodian

1. the process of marriage for foreigner
marriage for Cambodia
1-1.sumbit 'the documents for foreign marriage' to 'Ministry of Foreign' (you sumbit.)
1-2.inspection of 'Minstry of Foreing', and next, inspection of 'Minsitry of Interior' (10days)
1-3.return the documents from 'Minisry of Interior '(you get.)
1-4.sumbit 'the documents for foreign marriage' and 'registration of marriage' to 'the residential department' (you sumbit.)
1-5.inspection of 'the residential department' (3days), and then, waiting of notice (10days)
1-6.take the notice from 'the residential department'(you get.)
we need the total day is over two weeks.

the documents(1-1.) are these.
1.application for permit of marriage(you take this one, send me.)
2.a copy of passport(I prepare.)
3.a single certification = a copy of person's family register(I prepare.)
4.a medical examination for HIV in Cambodia(only 30min.?)
5.a certification for non-crime(I prepare.)
6.a certification for work and income(I prepare.)
7.the letter of 'Japan embassy' to certificate the japanese document(1.~6.).(you sumbid and take.)

1.a certification for born
2.a sngle certification
3.a medial examination
4.a registration for person's family

marriage for Japan
1-7. sumbit 'the cetificate of marriage' to 'Japan embassy' (you sumbit.)
1-8. inspection of 'Japan embassy'
1-9. take the notice from 'Japan embassy'(you get.)

the documents(1-7. ) are these.
1.registration of a marriage, 2 parpers(I prepare.)
2.a copy of person's family register, 2 parpers(I prepare.)
3.'the cetificate of marriage' of Cambodia
4.Japanese of 'the cetificate of marriage'
5.a copy of your ID card or your passport
6.Japanese of (5.)

2. the process of come to Japan
2-1. sumbit 'the documents for visa' to 'Japan embassy' (you sumbit.)
2-2. inspection of 'Japan embassy'
2-3. take the notice from 'Japan embassy'(you get.)

the documents(2-1.) are these.
application for certificate of eligibility etc...

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