Apr 4, 2008

I love Japan's four seasons.

Last winter had been much colder than the winter last year I think. But it has been spring though! And it is much warmer. But be careful about health. Because a Cambodian has caught Influenza in Toyohashi. I hope everyone stayed activity and healthy in the changing season. If you stay in Japan for over one full year, you can experience all of Japn's seasons. While you can have the same seasons in part of other country, the way we enjoy each one is different. They are all interesting in its their ways, and you can find your favorite activities to do in each season in Japan.
In the wintertime, my favorite activity is going to the hot spring. While you can do this all year, winter is the nicest time to go. Getting into the hot water feels SO good! So it's a real treat. Last winter I went to ones are three place. You don't have public baths like this where you live in, so you mabey surprise at first time.
In this spring, the cherry blossoms(SAKURA) have started to bloom, and everywhere of Japan are at its beautiful. Some women love dressing up in Kimono(Japanese dress) and going out for Hanami(to watch the floower of SAKURA) in this season. Last week, I and my mother went to Kiyomizu-temple(Kyoto city) to look at the trees. In the place, many parson wore Kimono. I seemed it was lots of fun. Where you live in, you don't have the cherry trees, but you wish you could do in here!
Summer time is the time of year for lots of festivals. I love attending the many different Maturi(festivals) all over Japan. Wearing Yukata(Japanese dress), eating candied apples and Takoyaki(Japanese food), and watching fireworks are some of the most fun things to do in the summer. It's terribly hot, but it means you can go swimming. To go swimming is something you do in too, but there you swim in the river. Here is Japan, you go to the Pacific Ocean. It's not a lot warmer than the water at your country.
In autumn I go to watch the leaves change color and hike through the mountains. In Japan, you can enjoy climbing when the leaves tured colors. The season it has many delicious foods. Persimmons and sweet potatoes are in season. You maybe have never had a persimmon in your country, but I think you love them! Because Thyda like them.
Japan is beautiful all year long, and you can feel you are very happy to have spent this time finding fun ways to enjoy each one. Even in the winter cold, Japan is a lovely place to be!

Kiyomizu temple



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